Basketball program information


Be Part of a Team



The purpose of this program is to re-establish primary aged basketball at the Stadium on both a Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and possible other afternoons subject to demand.


Structural Overview

The program will be supported and directed by the Illawarra Sports Stadium to ensure the long term conduct and operation of the program. Research has identified that where community sport has a base and a supported home structure those programs have a high probability of long term success. In order to run this program successfully, we required the support of the community to act as volunteer coaches, referee trainers and support staff.


Program Benefits

The focus of the program will be providing primary school aged children with lifelong sporting and recreation skills. Research has shown that the children who have positive sporting and recreation skills are less likely to be affected and/or exposed to anti-social behaviour and other negative activities; it is not unreasonable to expect that this program will have long term social benefits for the community.